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Our Services


The corporation specializes in the fields of designing, conducting studies, implementing projects, and contracting for all solar power systems that target industrial, commercial and residential sectors.


Our Services

  • Design and implementation of all solar energy water pumping systems.
  • Supply and install PV-Diesel systems (hybrid systems ON GRID for factories and facilities.
  • Providing high-efficiency services related to water and civil works in accordance with international standards and specifications that help humanitarian organizations to achieve rapid response in the field of water supply.
  • We provide the best products in the field of solar power and agricultural pumping system worldwide, which have international quality certificates.
  • Provide technical and financial offers analysis services and supervise the implementation of projects according to the required specifications.
  • Street lighting and private and public facilities with solar energy.
  • After-sales service.

PV-Diesel System

Garallah Corp for Solar Energy offers the perfect solution for hybrid systems for solar energy with diesel generators / electricity to operate factories and facilities by integrating solar panels with diesel generators or commercial and governmental electricity, which reduces the diesel consumption of generators and electricity bills during the day, which reaches from 50% - 70%, and this limits From the high operating cost of diesel generators, as well as maintains the depreciation of diesel generators, increases their life, and reduces the cost of bills. These systems target hospitals, factories, central refrigerators, government and private facilities, power stations and commercial centers.

Hybrid systems

Diesel Generator

Solar systems

24 Hours Electricity


Generating diesel power for industrial sector in remote areas continually increases operating costs.

Low PV system costs at the same time make diesel PV hybrid systems an attractive, economical and environmentally friendly solution.

We are committed to serving our customers and meeting their needs and aspirations in designing and supplying reliable and innovative technology in hybrid plant systems as an ideal solution to reduce fuel costs using latest technology and engineering practices, including leading companies in this field.

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