About Garallah Solar


About Us

Garallah Solar Energy Corporation was established in the year 2017. Since its establishment, it has been keen to meet all the needs of solar energy for the local market and the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

The Corporation has been able to obtain the most famous international agencies in the field of solar energy and the exclusive distributor in the Republic of Yemen for (JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Spanish General pumps), and in order to establish the principle of continuity of quality, we have worked to keep pace with technology and global development, and we have become the object of consumer confidence. We at the Garallah Solar Energy Corporation provide design, studies and installation services for solar systems of all sizes and uses, as well as providing quality assurance, maintenance and after-sales services for all its products and the most appropriate prices, and this helped the Garallah Solar Energy Corporation to become the best company in the field of solar energy in the Republic of Yemen.

Our Mission

Garallah corporation for solar power seeks to create a successful and lasting relationship with its clients by providing everything new and unique even we exceeding expectations, in order to highlight its role as the best provider of services in many similar sectors, the solar energy sector, the electricity sector, and its accessories, the industrial and agricultural sector, as well as the projects and tender sector.

Our Vision

A world enjoying energy supplies while promoting sustainability and reducing pollution at the lowest costs.

Award from the Chairman

Garallah solar energy corporation was built on the basis of achieving customer satisfaction and completing the tasks assigned to us on time, and this thing contributes to directing our performance in the market.

Our goal is to successfully accomplish difficult tasks even in times of stress and difficult circumstances, and we always strive to surpass the expected results, not negligent or failing to fulfill our obligations, and what drives us to continue along this path is our inner passion to do what serves, mees and suits the community to which we belong.

We seek and work to recruit the best applicants and provide them with training and qualification opportunities to refine their skills, and we provide them with support, and assistance to achieve their goals and successes, which are definitely the successes of the institution.

Every employee in the organization seeks to improve himself by embodying behavioral and professional standards, and we believe that our basic culture and principles are what distinguished us from others and contributed greatly to achieving our long-standing successes.

The foundation aspires to achieve leadership in its specialization, and it is an institution that establishes value for its customers by importing the best international products from the largest leading companies in this field and delivering high-quality work on time. Over the past years, we realized that distinguished companies always strive to achieve unusual goals, so we raised our level of performance in the same way, and together with our interested and ambitious team, we were able to surpass the desired goals, and thank God very much.